Labrador Rescue is a rehoming service run to help Labradors find a new loving home when their owners can no longer keep them. Labradors are re homed for a variety of reasons including owners moving abroad, owners changing jobs and working away or long hours and can no longer keep the dog, allergies, owners taking on a puppy and not realising the commitment needed, divorce or break up of the family, often the dog needs re homing through no fault of its own.

Rescue has successfully re homed hundreds of Labradors over the years and has had many letters written from new families thanking rescue for finding them such a wonderful new pet. North West Labrador Rescue work hard to match dogs to the right new home and are always looking for new homes. Please do consider rescuing an older dogs as they usually settle well and make brilliant pets adopting to their new lives very quickly.

If you feel you could give a rescued Labrador a new home, do give one of the Coordinators a ring for more information or if you need Rescue to help you re home your Labrador.

Please contact the Co-ordinator

Miss Ginette Oulton : 07917 755 476

We have no Dogs at the moment looking to be rehomed. However we do have a small waiting list of people wanting to adopt healthy Labradors.

The rescue service for the rehoming of Labradors gets many enquiries every day from all over the country, but really can only deal with calls from the North West so that adopters do not have to travel too far to see their new pet. If you live elsewhere in the country, please refer to the Kennel Club Rescue Directory on their website and contact the Labrador Rescue nearest to your locality.