Thank you for your enquiry regarding the N.W.L.R.C. Breeders’ Register.

This register has been set up with the aims of supporting responsible, caring breeders and eliminating excessive breeding. Only fully paid up members of the N.W.L.R.C. may register, and it is a condition of registration that both parents of the litter are hip-scored and hold current eye certificates.

When the puppies are 12 weeks old your name will automatically be removed from the Register, unless you inform the Co-ordinator that you wish them to remain on for a longer period. Should your puppies be sold before this date, would you please let the Co-ordinator know so that further enquiries are not directed to you. If older puppies/youngsters are put on, they will remain on for 8 weeks, again unless you notify the Co-ordinator to keep them on for longer.

Should any complaints be received against a Registered Breeder, an explanation will be sought from him/her, and if this is not forthcoming or is unsatisfactory, the Committee reserves the right to remove the breeder’s name from the Register.

The Committee requires all Registered Breeders, in addition to the above criteria, to abide by the Kennel Club’s General Code of Ethics and also to the following:-

  1. To keep in mind at all times the Breed Standard.
  2. To sell puppies/stock directly to the new owner only, and not to a dealer.
  3. To provide the purchaser with a written comprehensive diet sheet.
  4. To ensure that puppies are wormed, and provide information to the purchaser regarding further
  5. To provide the purchaser with a written fact sheet on basic rearing/training and Vaccination/Socialisation.
  6. To provide a full “back-up service”, ie. to be available to give help and advice.
  7. To promise to take back or to help re-home whenever necessary, and at any age.
  8. To keep a record of names and addresses of all purchasers.
  9. To K.C. Register all puppies and to provide a minimum of three generation pedigree at the time of sale. In the case of a defect in the puppy, it will be acceptable to sell a puppy without papers, and endorsements will also be accepted.
  10. To hip score and eye test the breeding stock.
  11. To ensure the best possible care, including veterinary attention, if necessary to all breeding stock/puppies. 

Please contact Puppy Register’s Co-ordinator, Miss Ginette Oulton. Copies of hip and eye certificates of the litters parents are also required, if the information on the Kennel Club’s Health Check website is not up to date, in particular with regards to expired eye certificates.

 Puppy Register Co-ordinators:- Miss Ginette Oulton Tel: 07917755476.