Our annual Eye Clinic is on Tuesday 1st August 2023 at Hoghton Village Hall , Blackburn Old Road , Preston , PR 50SG 

* Please note Eye Clinic is now full *

There are several forms of eye disease seen in Labradors, which may cause blindness, that are known to be genetic in origin. These include Progressive Retinal Atrophy (generally referred to as PRA), Hereditary Cataract (HC) and a form of Retinal Dysplasia.

The B.V.A. runs a scheme for checking dog’s eyes for these conditions. Designated “eye specialists” examine the dog’s eyes with an opthalmascope and will issue certificates to those which appear to be clear of these conditions. Clear eye certificates, which state that the dog is “free from inherited eye defect” are valid for 12 months, after which they need to be renewed.

The NWLRC holds an eye clinic annually where eye tests are conducted and certificates can be issued under the B.V.A. scheme. For further details regarding this, please contact : Ginette Oulton  on 07917755476