Typical Labrador Health Problems

As with all breeds of dogs, Labradors may be affected by diseases which are genetic or partly genetic in origin, and problems may occur from time to time. All responsible breeders take steps to minimise the risk of defects occurring in their puppies by making use of the relevant controlling systems set up by the British Veterinary Association (B.V.A.) and the Kennel Club (K.C.).All puppies on the NWLRC’s Puppy Register have been bred from parents who have been assessed under these schemes. In Labradors schemes exist for hips, elbows and eyes.

As with all large, fast growing breeds, Labradors are susceptible to joint problems, some of which are believed to be hereditary. It does appear that over exercised and heavier dogs are more prone to these problems, and it is therefore important to restrict exercise, in particular, free running, in the first year of life, and not to allow the dog to get over weight.