The following are the minutes from the first meeting held of the North West Labrador Retriever Club, as recorded in the minutes book dated 19th January 1967.

Inaugural meeting held 18th October 1966 at the Commercial Hotel, Bolton.

Apologies for absence were sent by Mr & Mrs R. V. Hepworth, Mr & Mrs Johnson and Miss Bennett.

Mr Tom Pryce-Beddow was elected Chairman. Mrs H.B. Woolley was elected Secretary and Mr Arthur Greenhalgh was elected Treasurer. All unanimously.

The Chairman announced that permission had been given by the Kennel Club to go ahead with the foundation of the North West Labrador Retriever Club. This entailed the support of another Breed Club and the Three Ridings Labrador Retriever Club had given us their unanimous backing. Twenty five founder members who would donate not less than £2 are also requested by the Kennel Club, these to included the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. An excellent response was made to this, thirty seven people subscribing £2 each. The formation of the rules of any Society has to follow a pattern set down by the Kennel Club, so these were left to be drawn up at leisure. The meeting next discussed the election of a President and it was decided that the committee should draw up a list of possible people before the next meeting.


A committee of 16 was proposed and seconded, but an amendment that the number be 10 was carried, the Chairman giving the casting vote.


The subscriptions of the various societies were quoted i.e. Three Ridings which is 10/6 and 15/- joint, as is Midland Counties. The sum of 15/- single and 21/- joint was proposed, but the amendment that we should fall into line with the other clubs and have a 10/6 single and a 15/- joint subscriptions was carried. This to be payable on 1st January each year. It was agreed that the donations of the founder members should be taken to cover next year’s subscriptions. It was agreed that the financial year should run from 1st January to 31st December and that the committee should decide the date of the Annual General Meeting.


It was proposed and seconded that the number be 7, but the amendment of 5 was carried, this not to include the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Committee of 10 was then elected. Their names are as follows :- Mrs Coates, Mrs Pryce-Beddow, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Cookson, Miss Norcott and Mrs Halstead. Mr Lord, Mr Belshaw, Mr Smart and Mr Gawthorp.

It was suggested that Lord Derby be approached to be our Patron and the names of Lord Leverhulme and Lord Lilford were also put forward, and also the Mayor of Bolton. The Chairman was asked what region the club would cover and replied that he would say North Wales, Cheshire, Lancashire and parts of Westmorland and Cumberland. The question of the objectives of the club having been raised earlier on, the Chairman then read out those of the Midland Counties Labrador Club, namely :-

  1. to encourage the breeding of pure Labrador Retrievers
  2. to conserve the best type of working dog
  3. to promote field trials
  4. to ensure qualified judges at shows and adequate classification being given
  5. to encourage the novice exhibitor

These, he said, would also be our aims.